One of the primary goals of Lenox Hill Veterinarians is to educate our New York pet owners about the importance of preventative care for animals to avoid medical crises in the future. Here is a list of preventive practices that can help keep your pet healthy and happy for many years to come.

Preventative Services We Offer

  • Spay and neuter: spaying or neutering your pet has many behavioral and medical benefits. Medically, spaying and neutering pets reduce the chances of reproductive cancers and tumors. Also, it eliminates bad behaviors like roaming to find a mate.  
  • Pet vaccination: Like humans, vaccines in pets prevent life-threatening diseases and reduce the severity of symptoms should your pet become infected. Our veterinarians can create a vaccination for your new pet to ensure he or she is well protected.
  • Proper nutrition: A proper diet goes a long way in preventing numerous diseases and conditions. A well-balanced diet boosts your pet’s immunity, keeps its weight in check, and promotes long-term health for your furry friend.
  • Exercises: If you don’t want an overweight cat or dog, exercises must be part of your preventive care plan. Consult with our vets to determine what type and frequency of exercise your dog or cat needs. Playing with your pet keeps them active and averts weight-related conditions like joint problems and heart disease.
  • Pet-proof your home: There are many common household products that can be poisonous to your pet. Keep chemicals, medicine, chocolate, plants, and other products out of your pet’s reach.
  • Parasite prevention: Parasites not only deprive your pet of useful nutrients but can also cause various health issues. Our team can help you determine what type of flea and tick prevention your pet needs to keep parasites away.
  • Pet microchipping: Collar tags are important but microchipping your pet greatly increases the chances of being reunited with your animal if ever lost or stolen.
  • Oral care: Like humans, pets require dental care to prevent serious health complications.

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