Holiday season is upon us— a busy time of year for festivities, socializing and of course, lots of eating! And gaining those “holiday pounds” is not just a problem for humans, but also for our four-legged friends! In fact, research shows that pets are more likely to gain unwanted pounds during this holiday period than any other time of year. What pet can resist juicy ham, yummy cookies or a perfectly cooked roast? And what about the fruitcake? (Well, maybe they’d pass on that.) But you say, “I just give him a bite or two.” The problem is that one or two bites from each meal, every day, seven days a week can really add up the calories! Obesity is the leading medical problem in pets. When a pet is too chubby, not only may they lack energy and mobility, but also they can develop arthritis, diabetes, cancer, skin issues, urinary tract problems and heart disease. Studies have even proved that pets who are overweight may have a shortened life span. All of these problems because of extra, unnecessary fat! How can you tell if your pet is at a good weight? It can be hard to spot because for many pets, they don’t get a classic, big round belly. Instead, the extra fat is well hidden inside your pet’s body, tucked between their vital organs. The good news is our veterinary practice team has a trained eye to best assess your pet’s weight. Bring your pet in for their yearly exam and we’ll check their body condition and nutritional needs. If we determine your pet needs to lose a few pounds, don’t worry. We’ll come up with a plan that will help you and your pet through the holiday season. Call us today to schedule your pet’s yearly checkup. Together let’s make this holiday season a good, healthy one!

Source: Partners for healthy pets

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